Manda and Indy are a loving pair of sisters. Their mother died while giving birth to Indy. Since then, Manda and Indy lived alone with their father. One day, on his way home, their father died due to an accident. After their father's death, Manda and Indy decided to find their grandfather only with a photo in their hand. Before they left, Manda gave Indy a heart-shaped pendant bearing the name of his mother, Rianty. Meanwhile, Manda wore a pendant bearing the name of their father, Indra. But on the way they got separated. Years went by, suddenly Manda met someone who claimed to be Indy.

Genre: ,

Stars: , , , , ,

Crew: Elly Yanti Noor, Leo Sutanto, Kafka Nafisa, Poetri Pranarka, Alexis Leirissa, Ismail Sofyan Sani

Country: ID

Studio: RCTI

Runtime: 60:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Jun 06, 2005

Last air date: Mar 15, 2006

Episode: 203 Episode

Season: 2 Season

IMDb: 10